AFI began as a family business specializing in small-scale residential and commercial glass work.  We started with our local community, building a reputation for impeccable service and gradually growing to serve the greater Hudson Valley region.

Over the past decade, AFI has grown into one of the most competitive and forward-thinking glazing contractors for large-scale commercial projects.  Our President, Angelo S. Incorvaia, continues to be recognized as a leader in our field.

An overview of our history highlights our growth while underlining the core values that keep our business strong and customers satisfied:

  • 1992:  AFI is incorporated in New York State.
  • 2000:  First project over $1 million, Lakeland Copper Beach Middle School
  • 2003:  First project over $3 million, Westchester County Courthouse
  • 2005:  AFI expands its territory to New York City, and is awarded The Shops at Atlas Park in Queens, a shopping center of high-end retail stores.  Later that year, AFI is awarded the Flushing Meadows Park Pool & Ice Rink, a state-of-the-art facility built by Handel Architects for New York’s Olympic Games bid.
  • 2007:  AFI is awarded two more high-profile projects.  The first, Orange County Choppers National Headquarters, Newburgh, NY.  This building is now the focal point of the opening credits for OCC’s internationally televised reality show.  Also in 2007, AFI is awarded its first project over $5 million, the Bronx Terminal Market.  Now complete, the project is viewed by millions of people daily as they pass the buildings from the Major Deegan Expressway.
  • 2009:  AFI President, Angelo Incorvaia, is named one of Glass Magazine’s “30 Under 40”.
  • 2010:  Kelli D. Incorvaia, AFI’s CFO, becomes the major stakeholder of the company.  AFI is now a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE).
  • 2013:  AFI is named one of the Top 50 U.S. Glaziers by Glass Magazine, with sales increasing by 61% from 2011 to 2012.